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Mobile Traffic Management System

The reconstruction and modernisation of motorways and expressways is a complex process in all countries.

Where there are temporary restrictions due to road reconstruction or upgrading, safety and traffic flow aspects are important. Based on our research, we can identify the main factors that generate travel delays, which are often also the cause of accidents at congested road locations.

These are in particular:

  • incorrect adherence to the “zipping” rule,
  • speeding,
  • failure to keep a sufficient distance between cars,
  • low tolerance and disregard for other road users.

Nervousness and ignorance of drivers also play an important role in creating congestion, reduce the quality of services and cause economic losses. One tool for eliminating traffic congestion and its negative impacts is the use of mobile telematics systems. In order to eliminate these risks, we have designed a mobile traffic control system for the ViaZone work zones that harmonises traffic flows within their area. Using publicly available information and field tests, we have proven its cost-effectiveness.

The ViaZone system consists of interoperable components that are tailored to the requirements for mobile systems. The main features of these components are their modularity, mobility, minimal installation, calibration and maintenance requirements, economical operation and power independence.


Easy to relocate and deploy to a location, in a short period of time, with minimal risk to installation personnel. The system does not require complex calibration, installation and configuration.

Can be connected to other components via a wireless secure VPN. All components share data from a central server, which controls the complex operation of the system and is ready to be managed remotely by an operator.

Application flexibility
The software is prepared for various operation scenarios, depending on the installation site and/or customer needs. Designed system functions include, in particular, dynamic lane merging (slider), adjustment of maximum speed, establishment of alternative diversions routes or queue warnings.

“Logically” designed. The control unit (e-CON) is ready to connect to any ITS device. The e-CON controller has virtually all the usual interfaces on the market. You can connect communication radars, IP cameras, weather stations, wireless modems or VMS variable message signs.

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