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Here. Now. For us and the next generations.

The design, production and implementation of advanced measurement systems is our everyday business. We continuously acquire new knowledge and develop our competences. The experience and character of the people who make up our team have determined the choice of the markets of environmental protection and intelligent transport systems ITS, as those in which we want to be among the leaders.

Today, we focus on counteracting negative changes in the environment and trying to rectify the existing state of affairs. We are thinking about the legacy we will leave to future generations, as well as the need for people to adapt to inevitable climate change.

Continuous monitoring of selected pollution parameters supports decision-making processes and the development of plans to improve environmental quality. In different regions, different pollutants may pose a threat and exceed acceptable standards. We allow you to freely configure systems in terms of the selection of sensors.

Noise, vibrations, dust and harmful gases in the air, water quality, sky light pollution. Dealing with pollution requires us to be aware of the trends in the environment and the corresponding accuracy of the measurement results. Droughts, floods, landslides, violent meteorological phenomena are experienced with increasing frequency. If we cannot prevent them, we must learn to live with them.

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Implementation of projects
for adaptation to environmental changes


Starting an export.
Winner of the Ministry of the Environment
Award in the GreenEvo project.


Extension of the offer with ITS systems.
Grand Prix Award of the Minister of Infrastructure.


Powstanie Mobilnego Systemu Zarządzania
Ruchem – ViaZone


Implementation of a quality management system
ISO 9001


Implementation of the Enviro system.
POL-EKO award.


Opening of a branch in Wrocław.
Signing of a framework cooperation agreement with
Wavetronix LLC.


Official establishment of Far Data Sp. z o.o.
Limited Partnership in Cracow.


Designs of the first constructions of meteorological equipment.


Change of political system in Poland – development of private
entrepreneurship, beginning of the first
activities of the future founders of Far Data

Far Data Sp. z o.o.


Branch in Wroclaw:
  • Address: ul. Okólna 2, 50-422 Wroclaw