FaceVACS VideoScan & DBScan

Face recognition


The face recognition engine and related technologies allow:
- recognition of persons from still photographs or video,
- comparison to image databases,
- analysis of person characteristics.

Our products implement the different processes involved in today’s identity management systems using facial data:
- identity verifcation,
- duplicate check,
- background check,
- real-time identification in video streams or footage,
- acquisition of standards-based biometric portraits.

At the same time, our products enable new commercial and consumer applications using facial data:
- recognizing VIP customers,
- indexing and sorting photographs in digital photo albums,
- analyzing people flow by count, age, gender and other measures,
- enabling digital signage devices to tailor advertisements,
- user authentication for phone, PC, and banking login.


Physical security
- screening of public and private places (e.g., malls, banks, airports, business centers, real estate),
- identify intruders, unauthorized personnel, shoplifters and otherwise barred persons.

Business intelligence
- count visitors by zone within your facility,
- detect repeat visitors and frequency of visits,
- detect age, gender and ethnicity distribution.

People flow
- perform anonymous face recognition to measure crowds and waiting/transit times in specic areas,
- alert security staff, direct trafc, and enhance customer experience.

Intelligent signage
- detect age, gender and ethnicity of the audience and deliver tailored messages and displays.

Border control
- check videos recorded at border checkpoints against a watch list of undesired immigrants.

VIP recognition
- identify registered customers in clubs, banks or stores monitor access,
- offer special treatment.

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