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For all those who struggle with noise and vibration problems, we offer an automatic monitoring station.

Unlike other systems, we provide a long-term monitoring solution with flexible expansion possibilities, guaranteeing savings of time and resources. Many years of experience in working with measurement systems allows us to state that information should be collected in an economically justified way, in order to obtain the best possible quality or quantity to price ratio. Accurate recognition of the problem gives a better chance to stop or significantly slow down the process of environmental degradation and, in the most optimistic scenario, which should be in the foreground, to reverse adverse changes.


ENVIRO station

Designed for continuous and long-term recording of sound levels, vehicle traffic volume and environmental conditions:

  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • atmospheric pressure,
  • wind speed and direction,
  • precipitation.

It can also be a mobile measurement system mounted in a car or trailer.




A product appreciated by customers and awarded by experts:

  • operation in all weather conditions,
  • measurements in any place chosen by the customer,
  • operation of the station does not require specialised and expensive training,
  • identification of exceedance sources,
  • resistance to vandalism,
  • online availability of data and results,
  • measurement 365/7/24.

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