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Combating ubiquitous air pollution requires knowledge of atmospheric trends and high accuracy of measurement results.

Continuous monitoring of selected pollution parameters supports decision-making processes and the development of air quality improvement plans.

In different regions, different pollutants exceeding limit values may pose a threat. It is therefore important to be able to freely configure the station in terms of the selection of sensors.


ENVIRO station

The ENVIRO station is designed for continuous and long-term recording of sound levels, vehicle traffic and environmental conditions:

  • temperature
  • air humidity
  • atmospheric pressure
  • speed and direction of wind and precipitation.

It can also be a mobile measurement system mounted in a car or trailer.




Product appreciated by customers and awarded by experts:

  • operation in all weather conditions,
  • measurements at any location chosen by the customer,
  • operation of the station does not require specialised and expensive training,
  • identification of exceedance sources,
  • resistance to vandalism,
  • online accessibility to data and results,
  • cooperation with noise and meteorological monitoring systems.


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