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Advanced measuring systems

The design, production and implementation of advanced measurement systems is our everyday business.
Far Data’s several years of experience in this field and the character of the people who make up our team have determined our choice of the environmental protection market as one where we want to be among the leaders.

Environmental monitoring


Traffic, industrial, railway and airway noise.

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Air pollutions, particulate matters, volatile organic compounds.

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Air temperature and humidity, air pressure, wind and precipitation.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS

Traffic harmonization

Increasing the flow of cars in areas of road works.

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Traffic classification

Traffic structure. Speed and class of cars, spacing, lane occupancy.

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Travel time

Travel time between detection points of Bluetooth and WiFi devices in cars.

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Our projects

Roadside weather stations

HarmonizationMeteoMonitoringNoiseTraffic volume

Systems for monitoring weather conditions on national roads and motorways, enabling efficient management of road infrastructure and increasing the safety of road users.  

Noise and air monitoring in ITS systems

Acoustic mapsITSMeteoMonitoringNoise

A system of several noise and air quality monitoring stations installed along the main traffic routes in the city, allowing the information on the condition of the environment to be used in traffic control algorithms.  

ViaZone – traffic harmonisation

Czech RepublicMotorwayTraffic volumeViaZone

ViaZone system installed on a narrowed section of the D5 motorway near Pilsen. The final test, carried out by Ředitelství Silnic a Dálnic ČR, proved the effectiveness of the harmonisation of the flow of cars at the roadworks.  

Urban environmental monitoring stations


Stations for continuous acoustic monitoring have been implemented in Polish cities. Information on exceedances of limit values as well as on traffic density supports road traffic management processes.  

Airport traffic monitoring system


A low-loader trailer equipped with a pneumatic mast and traffic radar for measuring vehicle traffic volume and classification. System supporting environmental protection in the vicinity of Chopin Airport.  

Mobile environmental monitoring station

HarmonizationMeteoMonitoringTraffic volume

A mobile measuring station, installed in a special CARGO trailer, equipped with a pneumatic mast, which makes it possible to record sound levels, vehicle traffic intensity, meteorological conditions and images from a video camera.  

Air and noise monitoring station

Acoustic mapsHarmonizationMeteoMonitoringNoiseVibrations

The station implemented in Stalowa Wola is designed for long-term registration of sound level and environmental conditions. It is also equipped with a module for measuring air quality parameters.  

Meteorological protection systems


Systems for monitoring weather conditions: e.g. in stadiums, sports halls, bridges. Supporting the process of controlling the correctness of operation of the structure and the degree of its load.  

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