Measurement masts

The measurement masts that are used to measure windiness are designed for all windiness and icing zones. Each mast is selected by its design and durability for a given location. All the masts may be marked and numbered. At the Client's request, it is also possible to design any top extensions and other instrumentation.

We ensure complex services related to the construction of the mast - it shall be delivered to the location specified by a Client and equipped with a complete, certified, high quality measuring system, with remote transmission of measured data. 


Our services include:

  • transporting a measurement mast to its location,
  • marking the mast - equipping with warning lights, painting according to the principles listed in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure. 25.06.2003 r.,
  • making quarterly inspections of the measurement mast,
  • dismantling the mast after the end of the measurements, and land reclamation,
  • storing the disassembled mast in a specified place.

A measurement mast's inspection is a type of inspection by a Contractor. It takes place every three months from the date of its construction until the completion of the measurements. It is necessary to keep the mast in due technical condition, in particular to keep it vertical. A mast with a solar panel. Notes about the completed inspections are entered into dedicated "Mast Inspection Book". Each inspection covers in particular:

  • controlling the tension of the ropes and their adjustment,
  • keeping it vertical,
  • secure fastening of the ropes at the anchors,
  • visual control of the measuring apparatus.

We select and sale warning lights and ensure the building permit.

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