ENVIRO-151 transport noise and environmental conditions monitoring station

An ENVIRO 151 station is used for continuous and long term registration of noise levels, vehicle traffic intensity, and environmental conditions: temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, and precipitation. It makes it possible to install air quality measurement modules. The station may also serve as a mobile measuring system installed in a vehicle or a trailer.

Enviro 151 diagram

The controlling software is based on WWW technology, hence control is possible via any web browser. The measurement data can be collected directly from the station, and from the server, which can be adapted for automatic downloading, storage, and distribution of data from several measurement stations that comprise the monitoring network in a given area. The ENVIRO 151 station was awarded at the International Municipal and Road Infrastructure Fair in Warsaw and at the International Environmental Protection Fair – POLEKO in Poznań. It has been implemented e.g. in several of the largest cities of Poland: Kielce, Wrocław, and in projects in the Czech Republic, among others, for intelligent traffic management at the sites of road reconstruction.

medal PolekoZalety:obudowy Enviro 151

  • interfejsy RS 232, USB, LAN, WiFi, GPRS
  • rejestracja hałasu i zanieczyszczenia powietrza
  • rejestracja warunków meteorologicznych i drogowych
  • wersja stacjonarna i mobilna
  • pełne zautomatyzowanie pomiarów
  • zbudowana w wersji wandaloodpornej
  • prostota rozwiązania, którym zarządzać może każdy

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