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Meteorological systems

Wherever low power consumption is a critical requirement, we offer measuring sensors and environmental conditions data recorders designed for this purpose. The speed and direction of wind, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, are just some of the parameters that can be registered. Additionally, for those investing in wind farms, who face social protests against the noise generated by wind turbines, we offer our MDL system for collecting environmental data, measuring the acoustic background. Unlike competitive solutions, our system makes it possible to collect all necessary environmental conditions data, in order to perform windiness audits, and ensure optimal location for wind turbines in terms of generated noise.

Environmental Monitoring

For those who fight the problem of transport noise and air pollution, we offer our automatic monitoring station. As opposed to other systems, we deliver a solution for long-term monitoring, designed for flexible expansion, guaranteeing savings of time and resources. With many years of experience in working with measuring systems, we know that information should be collected in an economically reasonable way, in order to obtain the best quality or quantity to price ratio. Comparing to disease treatment – accurate recognition of a problem gives better chance to stop or substantially slow down the process of environmental degradation, and in the most optimistic scenario, which should be the priority, to reverse unfavourable changes.

ochrona srodowiska

Intelligent Transportation Systems

In the days of fast development of the transport infrastructure, ensuring its comfortable use to the road users during repairs or traffic reorganization becomes a necessity. Constant monitoring and classification of passing vehicles contributes to making right decisions when planning detours, placing informational signs, or configuring light signalization. In response to these needs, we offer Wavetronix SmartSensor HD high resolution radar, which, when installed across a roadway, measures, among others, traffic intensity, vehicle speed, and precisely classifies the vehicles. Going a step further, we have created ViaZone mobile system designed to harmonize traffic flow and increase road capacity during repair works. The data from the detectors is analysed and the decision on displaying proper symbols on the information boards for drivers is taken by means of intelligent controllers and programmed algorithms. The system makes it possible to plan alternative routes, inform about travel time and delays, and warn about necessary speed changes and limitations, also in adverse weather conditions.


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